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So in the past Ayacon and Amecon would alternate between the main summer event slot. With the demise of Ayacon, Amecon has taken to alternating with another event: Kitacon. This year, as their off year, the Amecon committee ran a smaller event for the first time: Amechibi. To put it in summary great event but terrible venue. There were two reasons for this. First the hotel was really run down, meaning that we lost a room divider and a window over the weekend. This is a con first for me to actually have the venue fall down on us. Secondly the location was central Nottingham, so a bit nerve wracking wandering anywhere outside in costume. Half the panels were on the tenth floor and with no stairs this meant some time was spent queueing for lifts. Hence it being rechristened lift-con.

The good stuff was the events and the organisation. It was run probably the most smoothly of all the events I’ve been too with even the traditional wait for the masquerade being minimal.



I checked in to the Travelodge over the road from the venue on Thursday. I must say I was impressed with the quality of the rooms, especially given the cost. With nothing much to do I went up to investigate Nottingham castle and take some photos. I had dinner in the Travelodge and met up with friends later for drinks.



Friday was the big day for me as I was running two events. I met up with my co-hosts to go over the first event: a beginners guide to PVC figure collecting. I think this went really well and the attendees enjoyed hearing about bootlegs and how to avoid them. After the opening ceremony was my second event: the yaoi panel. The first half was really well received but I think I lost some momentum after the second game, which didn’t really work out. Still I think a fair few people enjoyed themselves. We went to Weatherspoons for dinner and the evening was capped off by the AMV disco. I must admit that I didn’t feel much like burning the midnight oil as a combination of stress from running events and not eating/ drinking properly all day left me with a sore head (couldn’t even blame it on booze as I’d hardly drank anything).



We decided to try and get in early to the bring and buy. To be honest there wasn’t much I was interested in. We followed up by heading down to the dealers room, where I picked up a Pandora Hearts artbook. We went along to “Have yourself a very Otaku Holiday”, which was an interesting guide to making the most to a trip to Japan, including where to shop for lots of lovely goodies. We also went along to “Getting started with cosplay”, which was really what it said on the tin- very much a beginners panel. This meant it was pitched a little low for my experience level but nevertheless I got the odd good tip. My team was victorious in Name that Anime Tune and I was very proud that there were actually two songs I knew that no one else on the team did. Kicking myself that I didn’t remember the ending to Binan koukou chikyuu boueibu love, as I’d just been watching it on Thursday night. The masquerade was shorter than usual but still showcased some fine cosplays. I would have liked there to have been more performances but the couple that there were were very good.

With a short break before the evening party we played some cardgames in the chill lounge, which were there for international tabletop day. Saturday did give us a rather uncomfortable experience when we went out to take some photos near the castle and we ran in to a film crew filiming some reality show, who wanted us to sign a release to be allowed to use footage of us. We decided best not too. Nevertheless was a good day.


On Sunday morning we did some western karaoke in the karaoke room. Then we went to Puppetry in Cosplay- not something I’ve tried before but am now interested to give it a go. We then went along to the Blind Date sim, which is basically like the old gameshow but in character. Poor Death the Kid was to suffer further humiliation after my last experience at Ame 2012. After the closing ceremony we headed out for dinner and found a nice Italian to eat at. I changed in to my Takashi Natsume cosplay for the ball- which I am pleased seemed to garner positive responses. Hilariously I ran in to my “date” from earlier who did not recognise me at all in the different cosplay. We finished on a high with the evening rock out, which was full of some good cheesy music.

There was some good news that Amecon will return to Warwick Arts Centre next year, which I was really psyched for as it is my all time favorite con venue. All in all and issues with the venue notwithstanding I had a pretty awesome first Amechibi and now am looking forward to Amecon’s return next year.


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UK based cosplayer/crossplayer.

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